Are you ready for Biblical Business Brilliance?

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Do you want your business to not only be successful and soaring, but also rooted and grounded in Biblical principles which will help you stay the course no matter what?

Look no further.

I've created this EXCLUSIVE free 5-day live event after personally journeying through the book of proverbs and realising just how much they have to say about business. It's time to really DO this.

Our five days together will look like this:

Day One: Work-ethic and Seizing Opportunities

Day Two: Finance

Day Three: Wisdom and Planning Ahead

Day Four: Excellence and Skill

Day Five: Generosity, Service and Giving

I'm Naomi Aidoo, Business Coach for faith-focused female leaders & entrepreneurs who are serious about running successful businesses whilst honouring God every step of the way.

With two years in successful online business myself, I'm passionate about equpping others to recognise just how vital their work is in the world and how easy it is to make it happen and then SCALE without compromising your values.

We've already begun but it's not too late to dive into everything! If you're ready for biblical business brilliance, join us by clicking the button below.

The world is waiting for your work!

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