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Your mindset matters, which is why I've created a free resource for you centred around five Biblically rooted, powerful affirmations which you can read, write and speak out every single day of your business-building journey.

Alongside your affirmations download, by signing up, you'll also be receiving a FREE mindset matters mini-course which will be delivered directly to your inbox over the next five days.

This free download & mini-course will enable you to:

  • Understand affirmations biblically so that you're approaching them with less 'woo' and more 'whahooo!'.
  • Confidently approach your God-given business without judgement (from yourself or others).
  • Remove fear and doubt from your decisons so that you're appraoching your business as the owner of it and not a hobby-status side hustler.
  • Stop second-guessing the actions you take for your life and business by making your own decisions without feeling the need for permission from your spouse, parent, coach.
  • Recognise that you've been given this calling for a reason so that you actually SHOW UP for it powerfully and purposefully every single day.

Your mind is so much more powerful than you realise. Let's start seeing that fact POSITIVELY... and then let's watch the transformation take place.

Hey! I'm Naomi Aidoo, Business Coach for faith-focused female Leaders and Entrepreneurs who are ready to build and scale their businesses in such a way that they remain rooted and grounded in Christ whilst being super successful. Back in 2016, I went from hobby-status side hustle, to my first ever online course (which was nothing to do with business building!) selling out with a double digit email list. At that point, I knew I was being called to shift my focus & help kingdom and entreprenurial minded women to build and scale their God-given businesses. 

One of the key ways I've scaled my business from hobby-status hustle to multiple successful launches of a variety of courses and services is with journaling and mindset work. At first, I felt like this sort of work totally went against my faith-focused worldview, but the truth is, affirmations can actually TOTALLY align with God's word. That's what this brand new course and downloadable is all about. 

If you know you're ready to get your mindset motivated for success, it's time to grab this FREE mini-course. Click the button below to sign up.

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