A 6-month mastermind in leveraging the power of your leadership & communication by understanding who you truly are

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  • Have you ever asked yourself why when someone says 'you do this, this, and this' - you're still a bit stuck?
  • Have you ever been the person asking, wondering why others don't get it?
  • Have you ever contributed ideas to a particular situation and found yourself wondering why no one seemed to hear what you had to say?
  • Do you ever find yourself jumping from one (great) idea to the next in your business and wondering why you can't just operate like those 'sensible' internet marketers?
  • Or perhaps you're someone who finds the idea of a quickly shifting and changing business terrifying and you prefer to stick to the one thing?

ALL of these responses and reactions in your business are because of who you ARE. Whether due to nature, nurture, or choice - the way in which you do things won't necessarily be the way in which everyone else does.

And although you know everyone's different and gifted in their own ways, you cant help but think that if you were a little more 'like them' in your leadership, you'd be more effective.

What if there was a tried and tested system which trained you in utilising YOUR leadership voice and skill set for maximum results whilst having a deeper understanding of your clients and your team along the way?

  •  Imagine understanding why 'one size fits all' doesn't work in leadership and business, so that you begin cultivating a method most benefical for you and for those you lead.
  • Imagine speaking, sharing your work with the world, and feeling as though you are being truly listened to & understood by those you're sharing with.
  • Imagine finally doing inner mindset work, which has an effect on your external results because you're finally leading in a way which causes you to speak with the authority you know that God's given you, and listen with the humility which reminds you that everyone else's contributions are valid too.

Listening to all of this might have you thinking that these are some pretty bold claims to be making. They're certainly not claims I'd be making without knowing they work. Not only has this process worked for me though - it's worked for global corporations and organizations worldwide. Companies like Ford, Chic k-fil-A, & The Royal Bank of Scotland, for example.

When I learned what the '5 Voices' system had done for companies like these, I was excited to learn more for myself.

First, I went through the material as a client when my church staff team were offered the opportunity at learning how to leverage our leadership whilst liberating those we led.

By that stage, I was hooked and knew that bringing this to the online space would be a GAMECHANGER for those who paid attention.

So, imagine my excitement when I was provided with the opportunity to invest in going through this work again - this time as a practitioner who could teach it!

I'm now officially 5 Voices Certified, and ready to take groups of high-level leaders through this powerful work. That's exactly what LIBERATED will be doing.

But what is '5 Voices'?

If you've been in the personal development space for more than 5-minutes, you would have no doubt heard of things like 'The Ennegram' & 'Myers Briggs'. 5 Voices has been developed by masters in those types of tools in the hopes of taking them even deeper. 5 Voices is created to look at the strengths & weaknesses of your particular 'voice', while understanding the same for the voices of others. This means less frustration working with your teams, your clients, and your customers.

At it's core, 5 Voices is about how to communicate effectively with everyone you lead.

And since business is about communication and leadership in such a HUGE way, I knew that bringing it to online service providers like you would mean that your businesses would be ever changed.

But who am I?

Hey! I'm Naomi Aidoo, Business Coach for faith-focused female Leaders and Entrepreneurs who are ready to build and scale their businesses in such a way that they remain rooted and grounded in Christ whilst being super successful. Back in 2016, I went from hobby-status side hustle, to my first ever online course (which was nothing to do with business building!) selling out with a double digit email list. At that point, I knew I was being called to shift my focus & help kingdom and entreprenurial minded women to build and scale their God-given businesses. 

During your time in Liberated, I'll be bringing this powerful 5 Voices content alongside my signature style of what it takes to build a business Biblically.

>> Know Yourself | Lead Yourself | Lead Others <<

 I'm looking forward to sharing more with you as soon as doors open. In the meantime, you can get on the waitlist by clicking the button below. Let's do this!

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